Social Responsability

Our corporate social responsibility consists of supporting activities that provide better life quality and education of our young children’s.

QuinnOil Group was one of the different companies that came together to sponsor one of the 210 schools Panama in vulnerable conditions, with a project called “Alianza Escuela-Empresa” (Business-School Alliance). The sponsor companies in coordination with the school directors will decide which are the needs and improvements that should be done on the schools, all these upgrades will help raise the quality of the learning process and give these opportunity to the student in the country.



We are proud of Baseball Little Leagues Academy at Puerto Armuelles with more a 14 year continuously providing with sport activities, discipline and team work.


Give opportunity to marine cadets for practices onboard our ships, and support activities on school and universities related to the Panama maritime Hub.

QuinnOil Social Responsibility Award by the Panama Maritime World Conference 2017.